OH! book event on Kaua’i 2009

Todd discusses and reads from OH! at bookstore in Lihue, Kaua’i, Hawai’i


“Oh!” Featured on KPBS Radio as a Summer Reading Best Pick

Oh! was featured on “These Days”, a news and arts program produced by San Diego’s KPBS on Thursday, June 18. Angela Carone and Doug Myrland discussed their critic’s picks of the best summer reading for 2009. Read the transcript . . . or Listen to the program . . .

The Marketplace of Ideas interview with Todd Shimoda

Colin Marshall interviews Todd about Oh!, writing, books, and Kobo Abe go to interview … or go to iTunes (free podcast) … or go to Three Quarks Daily (transcript)

Honolulu’s KZOO interview with author Todd Shimoda

Listen to Todd’s interview with Willa Tanabe, host of Thinking Outloud (MP3 file) go to interview

Gaijin Mama reviews Oh!

“Although all of this [Oh!] may sound vague and esoteric, I’m pleased to report that Shimoda’s writing is not. If any book will help you to understand the concept of mono no aware, it is probably this one, written in clear, direct prose, with a compelling story to go along with it. Perhaps mono no aware is the mixture of sadness, satisfaction and awe that one has after finishing book such as this one and realizing that there are no more pages, that one may have to wait for years for the author’s next novel.” Read more

Michael Ward and The Hipster Book Club has reviewed Oh!

“With Oh! Shimoda has created a fine psychological work that delves deep into the self and its relationship with modern society. A quiet work contained within a volume filled with lovely artwork by the author’s wife, Oh! will stay within the mind of the reader long after the book itself has come to an end.”

Review of Oh! by Steph at “From the Cracked Mirror”

“[Oh!] is a perfect book for traveling though I can’t explain why. I don’t usually enjoy reading heavier things when I travel–well, while I’m in transit to be more precise–because I find the experience disorienting. Airplanes are the worst offenders. But there’s something about Oh! that works perfectly for traveling; perhaps it’s the way Shimoda captures his protagonist, Zack Hara’s, own sense of being out of sync with the world.” Read more

Review of Oh! by Dolce Bellezza

“[Oh!] is a fascinating look at emotion, and the ancient Japanese term which, although forgotten by many, still lurks deep within our souls. Whether we stuff it down and refuse to display emotion or not.”

Todd’s blog at Powell’s Books site

Todd blogged about Oh! and writing on the Powell’s Books site Aug. 31-Sep.4. Check it out

Art In Your Ear: A Conversation with Todd Shimoda

WMNF 88.5 FM radio host JoEllen Schilke of “Art in Your Ear” interviews Todd Shimoda. They explore the complex issues presented in his novel Oh! A mystery of mono no aware. Download the podcast.

Wendy Tokunaga interviews Todd Shimoda

Tokunaga is a novelist and blogs at Chirashi: A Japan Culture Blog. She interviewed Todd Shimoda about his novel Oh! during his current book tour.

Shelf Awareness: Review

Shelf Awareness has published Nick DiMartino’s enthusiastic review of Todd Shimoda’s novel Oh!. Shelf Talker describes the novel as “a fascinating glimpse into a little-known dark side of Japanese culture as well as a compelling account of an obsession with feeling emotional epiphany at any price.” Read more . . .

Booklist Online: Review

How Far Will You Go to Feel Intense Emotion? This review by Nick DiMartino includes a discussion of Shimoda’s previous work. Read more . . .

LibraryThing Reviewer Enjoys the Tactile Pleasures of Oh!

LibraryThing reviewer Jane Jones extols the virtues of touch and text found in Chin Music Press titles, like Oh! A mystery of mono no aware. “First of all, this book was a physical pleasure to read. The text pages were silky, the intervening pages were textured, the abstract paintings evoked both the art described in the text and the natural world, the heading of each chapter included a whimsical drawing.” Read more . . .

Literary License Dubs Oh! a Book Worth Saving

Literary License writer celebrates Chin Music Press and our commitment to quality. She says “I have a copy of Oh!, and I can attest to its beauty, from the sparkles embedded in the brown endpapers and the buttery-soft paper to the colorful watercolor illustrations. This one’s a keeper.” Read more . . .

Chin Music Press and Oh! A mystery of mono no aware Shake that LibraryThing

An early reviewer on LibraryThing recently received a copy of Oh! Todd Shimoda’s novel gets praise even before the cover is turned. LibraryThing reviewer Magus Manders says, “I just received my review copy of Todd Shimoda’s Oh!, and I am simply stunned by what a lovely book it is.” Other LibraryThing reviewers join the conversation.Read more . . .

Fantasy and Sci-fi Writer Paul Jessup is a fan of “Oh!” and Chin Music Press

Paul Jessup gave Oh! and Chin Music Press an enthusiastic thumbs up on his blog. He exhorts readers to: “Grab this book. Especially if you’re a fan of Camus or Douglas Coupland (the writing and subject matters reminds me of both), or a fan of Japan and Tokyo, or if you love books as objects.”

“Oh!” Reviewed for Japanese Young Professionals Group

Christopher A. Cummins’ review of Oh! on the website for the Japanese Young Professionals Group (JYPG) introduces Zack Hara to a new audience. Cummins provides a sensitive introduction to the compelling concepts author Todd Shimoda explores in the novel.

Seattle Audiences Wowed by “Oh!”

Seattle readers and lovers of the printed word enjoyed two Oh! evenings over the last weekend. On Thursday evening, June 25th Kobo at Higo hosted a reading by Todd Shimoda and an exhibit of Linda Shimoda’s original artwork, which plays a pivotal role in how readers “grok” the novel. Todd, Linda and the novel’s designer Joshua Powell answered questions from the audience about their collaboration. On Saturday night the creative duo were featured at the Tea and Coffee House in Seattle’s historic Panama Hotel. Bruce Rutledge, Publisher at Chin Music Press, provided opening remarks for the evening.

Todd and Linda Shimoda present a celebration of

Chin Music Press presented author Todd and Linda Shimoda and a celebration of the new novel “Oh! A mystery of mono no aware.” The event was held at the Panama Hotel’s Tea and Coffee House.

The creative team behind

The creative team behind “Oh! A mystery of mono no aware” appeared at Kobo at Higo. Pictured left to right: Josh Powell, book designer, Linda Shimoda, artist and illustrator, Todd Shimoda, author.

“Oh!” is reviewed in Seattle’s The Stranger

Seattle-based Chin Music Press gets a thumbs-up from Paul Constant, book editor at The Stranger. He enjoys Shimoda’s novel and says “Oh! is in itself a definition of mono no aware, an expression of astonishment. It’s a singular reading experience.” Read more . . .

Chin Music Press and “Oh!” Make News in The Stranger

Paul Constant, The Stranger’s book editor, examines the state of publishing in his article The Slow, Moronic Death of Books as we Know Them. But there is hope and Chin Music Press gets a nod: . . . picture a world of small, good regional publishers like Two Dollar Radio, Seattle Publisher Chin Music Press, and Akashic Books printing beautiful books with high literary merit and authors making good, honest blue-collar salaries (instead of grossly over-inflated six-figure book deals). Frankly, that sounds like my dream industry. Read more . . .

“Oh!” Gallops into New West

Jenny Shank discusses a potential battle between e-books and print books in her article for the Western Book Roundup in New West Books and Writers. In Creative Survival Tactics for the Printed Word Shank lauds Chin Music Press and Oh!: Electronic reading devices may be catching on, but those who still value books as beautiful objects will appreciate the graphic touches that writers such as these are adding. Read more . . .

Todd Shimoda’s “Oh!” Changes the shape of literature

Susan Froyd, a writer for Denver’s newsite Westword, says great things about Oh! She celebrates Shimoda’s work and exhorts her audience to attend his reading at The Boulder Book Store. But she doesn’t stop there. She likes this book and explains to her readers that, “You don’t buy a book by Todd Shimoda expecting the usual thing. His fiction veers in and out of nonfiction, and the ubiquitous illustrations by his wife, master calligrapher/artist Linda Shimoda, are integral to the passage of the plot.” Read more . . .

Orlando Sentinel reviews “Oh!”

Tod Caviness reviewed Oh! for the Orlando Sentinel and invited readers to attend the reading at Urban Think. Caviness praises the novel and the book design: The book’s a conversation piece in more ways than one: the presentation from Seattle’s Chin Music Press shows an amazing attention to detail and mood. The pages between chapters are peppered with illustrations from Shimoda’s wife Linda that capture the contemplative feel, and there are “exhibits,” or bits of research along the way revealing the background of mono no aware.

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